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Dataverse Frontend Development Interest Group

Motivation and goals

This group is for all Dataverse community members interested in frontend development using the Dataverse API.

We are re architecting the Dataverse software to be more modular and flexible, and building a new frontend to replace the current one. This group will focus on the new frontend, and the new API to support it.

The goals of this group are to:

  • Understand the needs of the community
  • Share information about the new frontend and the API as it is developed

Group meetings

We welcome anyone to join our meetings! We changed our monthly meeting time to Tuesday 9AM Eastern.

The Zoom link is

Upcoming meetings

Previous meetings

Get in touch

We love to hear feedback from you about our goals and outputs not just during meetings, but also using chat.

Please join us in Zulip


Demos of the new Dataverse Frontend (SPA)

  • Demo 1 - Integration of the Single Page Application with exisiting JSF frontend, and the new View Dataset Page
  • Demo 2 - The files table feature in the new View Dataset Page

Improving this website

Please feel free open an issue or create a pull request at